Analysis of the use of Modern Strategies in Teaching Mathematics at Secondary Schools in District Peshawar, Pakistan.

Prof: Dr Maher Bano - Education Department Abasyn university Peshawar
Ranaz Begum - MPhil Education
Fatima Shams


This study aims to explore the modern methods of teaching Mathematics for the students at secondary level in Peshawar District. The population of the study included all District Peshawar schools. The sample included 27 teachers of Mathematics and 100 students from public and private sectors. Two questionnaires were administered in these schools; one was for mathematic teachers and the other for mathematic students. The information was collected about all necessary aspects e.g. teaching method, professional and academic qualification of a teacher etc. The collective data were tabulated and analyzed in terms of percentages and all the aspects of secondary schools were investigated. Findings were made and conclusions were drawn on the basis of these findings. It was found that most of the teachers in the public and private sectors were not familiar with the modern methods of teaching. It was recommended that more refresher courses in the curriculum of Mathematics should be arranged for the teachers. Moreover, games and Quiz competitions should be given more importance during teaching process.