Perception of Teachers About Existing Monitoring System at Primary Level District Mardan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Prof: Dr Zakia Ali - Education Department Abasyn University Peshawar
Rokhsana Tabassum - MPhil Education Scholar
Dr. Rahat Mand


The study was descriptive in nature. The study was an attempt to find out the about the role of existing monitoring system at primary level in district Mardan Khyberphtunkhwa. The objectives of the study were: To evaluate the process of monitoring in District Mardan. To evaluate the perception of teachers about monitoring system in District Mardan. The key questions of the study were: What are the main problems faces by monitoring system in district Mardan? What is the opinion of teachers about monitoring system in district Mardan? The study found out that there was dire need to introduce mentoring mechanism in main stream of education at primary level in district Mardan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Many gaps were found which included lack of proper mentoring system, need of professional support to the prospective and several teachers, poor performance of supervisors in the field and lack of opportunity to explore career. There was no formal system of mentoring in vogue in primary system of education at Government level. Similarly in response to the second question the importance of mentoring in education system was brought home to the stakeholders on the basis of review of literature in local and global perspective. On the other hand, among the factors influencing the school-based supervision, lack of relevant training programs for supervisors, scarcity of experienced supervisors in school-based supervision activities, lack of supervision manuals in the schools and shortage of allocated budget for supervisory activities. Finally, to minimize the problems of schoolbased supervision in secondary schools, it is recommended to give relevant in-service trainings for supervisors to upgrade their supervisory activities, necessary resources such as supervision manuals and an adequate budget for the success of supervision at the school level was suggested.