Utilization of Physical Facilities and its Impact on the Academic Achievements at Primary Level.

Nasullah Khan - Education Department Abasyn University Peshawar
Dr Hanifullah Khan - Education Department Qurtuba University Peshawar
Dr. Niaz Muhammad


The study was about facilities utilization at primary level and its impact on student’s academic achievements. The objectives of the study were: To identify the availability of the facility at primary level in Swat District. To analyze usefulness of the available facility in Swat District. The research questions were: What is the impact of availability of facility in the academic achievement of students at primary level? What is the impact of utilization of facilities on the academic achievements of students at primary level? The study made the following recommendations: physical facilities play a central role in the education system at primary level. The furniture which is in a very bad or poor condition should be auctioned, and the amount obtained so may be utilized for repair of other furniture or equipment. The heads may be directed to get the roofs and outlet drainage point’s cleaned. Provision of toilets is necessary. Schools having no such facility should generate their resources, but where such opportunity can not be explored, the government needs to provide funds.