Analysis of Public and Private Schools’ Principals’ Role in Parental Participation at Secondary Level.

Nasrullah Khan - PhD Education Abasyn University Peshawar


The success of school largely depends upon active participation of parents in their children education. The role of school principals is crucial in providing more and more opportunities to parents in schools. Their involvements in schools greatly enhance the academic and non-academic performance students. It is the strong home-school connection that leads the school to success and brilliance. The population of the study consisted of all Public and private secondary schools, their principals and parents in District Peshawar. A sample of 16 principals and 80 parents were selected as sample for the study, 08 were from Public and 8 from private sector. While 40 parents each, were selected from both sectors. Data were collected through questionnaire. The questionnaires were delivered to the selected Public and Private secondary school principals and parents to find out the extent and practices of school principals in this regard and compare both sectors. On the basis of analysis it was found that there was a significant difference between the responses of both public and private schools principals and also among parents of both categories of district Peshawar. It was concluded that private school principals had clear understanding about parental participation. Their principals’ were more active and took the lead by providing multiple opportunities of participation to parents. .