Comparison of Public & Private Secondary Schools in Provision of Co-Curricular Activities.

Kiramat Shah ,   Nazish Farid &   Dr Niaz Muhammad


This is a descriptive type of comparison based study. The distinction between curricular and extra-curricular is gradually disappearing in modern education practice and the co-ordination and integration of all the experiences of the pupils’ intellectual, social, moral, emotional and physical abilities has become the object of the persistent of the school. Co-curricular activities, as the name implies, are those, not directly related with prescribed curriculum and include; sports, athletics, scouting, cubing, various hobbies, excursions literally societies, dramatics, debates etc., to bring social and physical adjustment in the child. The main objectives of the study were: To find out either the private schools give more facilities of these activities to the students or the government schools. To know how many students take participation in these activities. How many schools of Public and private sector give due importance to the co-curricular activities. To give suggestion for improving the current situation. The population selected by the researcher was all high schools of Government and private sector for boys at District Chitral. Through systematic random sampling ten schools were selected. The total number of the schools for private and Government were 20 and 10 respectively. The data was obtained from E.D.O’s District Chitral. The data was statistically analyzed and tabulated percentage was calculated for the whole data. On the basis of which findings and conclusions were drawn.