Designing an ESP Course for Developing Speaking Skill of Health Technologists in District Peshawar.

Nasrullah Khan - PhD Education Scholar SUIT Peshawar
Dr. Akbar Ali


English has taken a mandatory place at national as well as in international level in all walks of life. The study was an attempt about ‘Designing an ESP Course for Developing Speaking Skill of Health Technologists’. The ESP courses recognize the importance of learners achieving spoken competence in English. Due to the specific nature of the courses, mainly in the Faculty of Health Sciences, English language teachers try to develop syllabi based on learners’ future professional needs. This research is about needs analysis and developing ESP programmes in which language objectives resulting from learners’ needs are included in the syllabus. Any syllabus is a plan of what is to be achieved through teaching and learning. It is made up of four elements: aims, contents, methodology and evaluation. Need analysis about language skills requirement for health technologists in target situation were analyzed about a questionnaire which was designed and distributed among health technologists for the purpose. Thirty lessons plans were designed and taught to the learners in target situation on experimental basis and with the help of post-test, the technicians’ improvement were tested. There was a marginal improvement in their speaking skill after experimental lessons plans teaching. The researcher developed an ESP included different lessons about developing speaking skill of the health technologists. ESP course was mainly about speaking skill development but also having some lessons and exercises about other language skills to give the learner a brief idea about English language skills and its proper use. Finally, suggestions were given for further development and improvement of speaking skill in target situation. Also some tips and exercises were recommended for English language learning and its use at the end.