Role of Parental Involvement in Student Academic Achievement at Secondary Level

Dr Hanif Ullah
Fatima shams
Dr. Niaz Muhammad


This study investigated the parental involvement and its impact on student academic achievement at secondary level. Objectives of the study were to investigate the influence of parent’s socio-economic status on students’ academic achievement. To determine the impact of parental involvement on student’s academic achievement. To explore the perception of teacher’s about parental involvement on students’ academic achievement. 76 public Secondary Schools of district Swabi were constituted the population of the study. Teachers and students at secondary level and their parents were included in the population of the study. 45 public secondary schools out of 76 were selected as sample. Furthermore, four teachers and twelve students in each school and parents of these students were randomly selected as sample of the study. There were 180 teachers selected from 76 schools, four from each school, 540 students of class 9th and 10th were selected randomly, six each from class 9th and 10th. The samples of the study were administered through questionnaires for teachers, parents and students. The collected data was analyzed using the predetermined tools like mean and standard deviation. The study showed some short comings on behalf of parental involvement and socio-economic status. Parents didn’t cooperate with teachers in maintaining school discipline. Parents didn’t carry out the volunteer role in any school activity. Parents didn’t know about the syllabi of their children. Parents didn’t often read books with their children and encourage their children to read on their own. Parents were not informed by their children about the daily academic activities. Parents didn’t talk at home with children about what they learnt in school, almost on daily basis. Parents rare received their children progress report from school on monthly basis.