Review of Time Management Practices of Principals of Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools

Fazal Akbar - University of Malakand, KP, Pakistan
Dr Zakia Ali - Abasyn University, Peshawar


The role of the principal with regard to time management is one of the key roles in school operations. The time management role of principal existed since the formal school system came into existence. However, the practices have been different from school to school as a result of typical contextual management needs and the philosophy of time management. This paper reviews how time management practices of principals affect their task performances with regard to context, management needs and philosophy of time management at secondary and higher secondary school level. For this purpose, the paper reviewed a plethora of literature on time management practices at school levels. On the basis of the literature review the found that the time management practices of the principals is affected due the reason that they never set annual objectives for their activities and rarely set monthly and weekly plan. The paper suggests that the principals may improve their time management practices if they set clear annual, monthly, and weekly objectives. The paper recommends that setting objectives for all types of activities enable the principals to focus their result-oriented tasks and manage time effectively.