Economic Analysis of Per Acre Carp fish Farm in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Dr. Sir Biland Khan - BS coordinator, Department of Urban & Regional Planning, University of Peshawar
Dr. Syed Akhtar Ali Shah - Chairman Department of Urban & Regional Planning, University of Peshawar
Nasrullah Khan - Lecturer Education Department Abasyn University Peshawar


The research conducted on Economic analysis of Carp Fish Farming in the selected districts of KP. The prime aim of research was to investigate average cost and revenue of a per unit fish farm and to see the sensitivity of output to the key factors of production. To observe the Marginal impact of the inputs, Multiple Linear Regression model is used. A sample size of 60 fish farms was selected and the operators/owners were interviewed by using the lottery method from four districts i.e.Dera Ismail Khan, Kohat, Swabi and Mardan. The whole sample is further categorized according to the area occupied by fish farm in small, medium and large farms. The study revealed that the sensitivity of output to Farm area was 3.76 on all farms, which was quite more than output sensitivity to Number of Fingerlings and capital (i.e.0.92 and 1.92), Capital also comprises the charges of fingerlings bought. The study revealed that farm area is an important determinant and can play key role in boosting the fish production. During the whole study it was observed that Per acre one time investment required for carp fish farm is Rs, 1,24,000/-, while average per unit operating cost is Rs.38,000/- whereas the average annual return is Rs.1,10,370/-The study concluded that that this enterprise is financially beneficial business which gives per year profit of Rs. 72,370/-) and plays a crucial role in earning a respectable livelihood , fulfilling the basic needs at low cost and eradicating poverty by job creation in particular and of KP in general.