Impact of Teachers’ Associations on Quality of Education, at Secondary School Level in District Peshawar, Pakistan.

Dr Rahat Mand - SUIT Peshawar
Dr Niaz Muhammad - SUIT Peshawar


The study was conducted to find out the impact of teachers’ associations on quality of education, at Secondary School level in District Peshawar, Pakistan. The main objectives of the study were to find the current nature and status of teachers association, to investigate the flaws and drawbacks of current teachers’ associations, to formulate a strategy for keeping away teachers from practical politics and to create a true trade union spirit. The population of the study consisted of all the principal, teachers, association members and students at Secondary School level in the province of District Peshawar. Targeted population was taken as five districts namely Abbotabad, Kohat, Mardan, Peshawar and Swat. The sample of the study consisted of 185 principals, 397 teachers, 102 association members and 506 students at Secondary School level. The primary data was collected with the help of Questionnaires while the secondary data was based on the study of relevant documents, books, thesis, journals, articles and review of related literature. The findings based on the statistical evidences indicated that Teachers’ Associations work for the rights of teachers, solve many problems of teachers, work for increase in salary and struggle for educational reforms. However most of them are supported by political parties for their own interest. This research proved that these Teachers’ Associations can successfully influence educational policies, educational budget, educational facilities and educational curriculum. They should solve the problems of teachers equally for the betterment of education system and for the development of society.