Content Analysis of The Practicum Course In Associate Degree of Education Programme

Dr Zakia Ali - Dean Faculty Of Education Abasyn University Peshawar,
Asad Ali - MPhil Education Abasyn University Peshawar
Dr. Maher Bano


The present study explored the general usefulness of the Practicum in of the Associate Degree of Education (ADE). The ADE, a two year pre-service teacher education program anticipated to prepare teachers for the primary and elementary level education. The student teachers who passed the two year ADE degree program are illegible for teaching at the primary and elementary level school teachers. The Practicum is introduced for the first time in the pre-service teacher education program with proper syllabus and details of activities for practice at Practicum schools by the student teachers (ST). The practicum prepares student teachers (ST) very well for teaching at primary and elementary school level. It focuses on the effective teaching methodologies; identify the important elements of the classroom teaching, dealing with parents and communities, observations of peers, conducting interviews, co-teaching and develop conduct assessment of the portfolio at the end of the practicum in the Associate Degree of Education (ADE). This study included the content analysis of the Practicum, inputs & suggestions of the student teachers (ST) and feedback, suggestions, inputs & recommendations of the supervisors (SV). According to the Supervisor (SV) and student teachers (STs), practicum is very useful in preparing all-round performing future teachers. This focuses on all the capabilities of the student teachers (ST) and includes tasks and activities that help in practicing it practically.