Content Analysis of Text Books at Primary Level Regarding Health and Hygiene.

Dr Zakia Ali - Dean Education Department Abasyn University Peshawar,
Nabi Gul - MPhil Education Abasyn University Peshawar
Nasrullah Khan - PhD Education Scholar SUIT Peshawar


The current study is conducted to find out the contents and make an analysis in present primary level syllabus of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa text books regarding health and hygiene. The study was descriptive in nature. Data was collected by the researcher through analysis of the text books from grade III to grade V as well as through questionnaires from Primary School Teachers, primary school head teachers and from the students of grade III, IV and Grade V of Government Primary Schools in district Peshawar. The students of Government Primary Schools were asked different orally questions in their first language Pashto and Hindko scheduled by the researcher. The previous studies / literature were reviewed. The collected data was organized and analyzed. The discussions were made on the basis of findings and results. It was concluded that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa text books for primary level have 7.18 percent contents regarding health and hygiene focusing only few indicators/parameters. While according to UNESCO standard 10 to 12 percent contents should be included in the primary level text books. It shows that fewer contents are included in the present primary level text books. Considering the discussion and findings as a base some recommendations and suggestions were forwarded to develop the primary level syllabus regarding health and hygiene.