Elements of Revolt in the Poetry of Adul Ghani Khan and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Dr Akbar Ali - Assistant Professor AWKUM, Wisal - BS English AWKUM
Nasrullah Khan - Lecturer Education Department Abasyn University Peshawar


The current study was conducted to discover the elements of revolt in the poetry of the Pashto poet Ghani Khan and the English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Despite the fact that they both belonged to different origins, diverse cultures and spoke different languages they share many common characteristics in their poetry, especially the spirit of revolt. Both the mentioned poets were romantic in nature. The researcher specified the elements of revolt in Ghani Khan’s poetry and then compared it with the revolt present in the poetry of the English poet P.B Shelley. Both Ghani Khan and P.B Shelley loved humanity, equality and brotherhood, and were great supporters of the freedom of thoughts. Both the poets hated social injustice, the outdated traditional ways of life, aristocracy, slavery and opposed these evils publicly. This paper covers only elements of revolt instead of the general philosophy of both the poets.